Rebekah Yen, Magician & Entertainer
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Superb ...a fine act of Magic!
If she's in your area: Don't Miss."

Intl. Brotherhood of Magicians,
Mike Gorman, President's Page
Linking Ring Magazine,  St. Louis, Mo

       Rebekah Yen on Linking Ring cover
      (Cover photo. The Linking Ring is the official journal
 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.)


Life Magazine Layout
(Life Magazine, Full Page Photo Layout)

"Best Breath of Fresh Air...

 The bottom line is: Wow!"

Hiawatha, Reviewer
Magic Magazine, Las Vegas



"Excellent performance....
 Spectacular magical skills 
colorful ribbon dance!"
Sonny Anderson, Director     
 Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

   Rebekah Yen at Epcot Center
(Epcot Center Guidebook, Front Cover Photo Layout) 

"Rebekah Yen did real magic!"
Donald Beven, Reviewer
Abra Cadabra Magazine, UK

"Rebekah Yen from the USA.... A brilliant
and  artistic routine which was a joy to watch."
  Steve Tucker, Reviewer
The Budget Magazine, Eastborne, England

"Thanks... terrific job! You were a big hit!"
 William M. Wagner, Manager
Riviera Country Club, Coral Gables, FL

  "Rebekah Yen's Origami workshop was a big hit!"
   Columbus Ohio, Magi-fest Review
Linking Ring Magazine, St Louis, Mo

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